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About DRC Mining Week 2021

Date: 15-17 June 2021 Location: Lubumbashi Website For our 16th edition, we welcome 5000+...
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DRC Mining Week takes a rain check

DRC Mining Week which was due to take place in Lubumbashi from 7 to 9 October this year has been moved to 15 to 17 June 2021.
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Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power...

The DRC has enormous potential for the expansion of its current renewable energy sector within the mining industry.
Zimtrade webinar recording

Webinar recording: Promoting trade between Zimbabwe and the DRC

Access a recording of the webinar hosted by ZimTrade, Mining Review Africa and DRC Mining Week which outlined the extensive opportunities available in supporting the growth of the mining industry in the DRC through its local partners.

Women in mining: New beginnings and opportunities

A record number of ladies tuned in for the DRC-focused Women in Mining live webinar session during Digital DRC Mining Week that took place from 17-19 June.

Quality healthcare for the mining industry

"We recently announced the opening of a second CM Diamant hospital in Lubumbashi, which will focus on COVID-19 and pulmonary diseases."
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Survival of the fittest: DRC in a post-COVID-19 world

The mining industry in the DRC faces a tough post-pandemic period, although this also provides opportunities for investors.

Wide industry support as DRC Mining Week is moved to June...

“We have taken the decision to postpone following a period of continuous engagement with our stakeholders and customers” says David Ashdown, MD of Clarion Events Africa.

Large soutien de l’industrie minière en faveur du report de DRC...

"DRC Mining Week s'est révélée tout aussi innovante que la communauté minière de la RDC"

Positionner la RDC comme principal producteur de cobalt

Le ministre des Mines de la RDC répond aux questions au début de l’évènement numérique DRC Mining Week.

Positioning DRC as a key cobalt producer

Few other countries produce cobalt and we as government want to position DRC as a key cobalt producer on the international stage.

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