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Longonjo development unaffected by Covid-19

Pensana Rare Earths has advised that its operations have been unaffected by the COVID-19 virus to date as it continues definitive feasibility studies at Longonjo.

TECH NEWS: Setting the benchmark for Industry 4.0

With the advent of Industry 4.0 set to change the face of industry and production, SEW-EURODRIVE has a range of solutions for its concept of the Lean Sm@rt Factory.

First-of-its-kind SEW Eurodrive motor range complies with all IEC standards

SEW Eurodrive has proactively expanded its comprehensive portfolio of AC motors by adding new IE3-accredited units, says the company’s general manager for engineering Conrad Pilger. Electric motors worldwide are estimated to consume up to 40%...

The latest advances in electric motor control and protection systems

The continuous pursuit for improvement and cost reduction in industry has seen a rapid evolution in the development of electric motor control and protection systems. “To ensure that we meet all the needs of industry...

Effective lubrication key to long-term electric motors efficiency

Lack of maintenance on electric motors in the industrial sector of South Africa has resulted in excessive failures, which ultimately leads to unnecessary downtime costs and production stoppages being incurred by operations nationwide. According to...