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The road to carbon neutrality: Copper and cobalt remain at the...

Copper and cobalt can expect ongoing demand strength as renewable energy and electro-mobility agendas accelerate.

Electric vehicle sales set to rise but more policy action needed

The outlook for EVs is brighter than ever, but governments aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 must do more to spur their adoption.

AVZ Minerals: Chartering Manono’s path to construction

With lithium supply expected to enter a deficit owing to increased demand AVZ Minerals is well placed to meet this demand.

DRC: Always and forever evolving Welcome, ladies and gentlemen – Mining Review Africa is proud to present our third...

AVZ Minerals: Moving forward to development of its DRC lithium project

Despite slow EV manufacture and sale during the pandemic, there was a remarkable resurgence in EV sales in the last quarter of 2020.

Artisanal cobalt mining in the DRC: steps already in play

All eyes are on the DRC. It already accounts for 63% of global cobalt production and the potential to increase this number is significant.

Climate risk and decarbonization: What every mining CEO needs to know

The sector faces pressure from governments, investors, and society to reduce emissions. Mining is responsible for 4 to 7% of GHG emissions.

Syrah achieves first fully integrated production of AAM at Vidalia

The progress at Vidalia and its vertical integration with Balama is a value proposition to Governments, auto OEMs and battery manufacturers.

What role can junior miners in the DRC play in the...

A recent Goldman Sachs report estimates that EV-related copper demand will amount to 2.4 Mt of copper by 2030.

Clean energy demand for critical minerals set to soar

Data shows a mismatch between strengthened climate ambitions and the availability of critical minerals essential to realising those ambitions.

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