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Tech talk: Mining metals of the future

“The price of a number of such metals are fixed by over-the-counter trading or between a producer and a particular off-taker."
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Vehicle manufacturer looks to assist artisanal cobalt miners

Volkswagen has joined the “Cobalt for Development” initiative and is thus supporting efforts to minimize these risks.
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#AMF update: “We can work from home but we can’t mine...

"There is a lot of Investment money floating around looking for a home, and looking for risk on which it can be rewarded."
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Electrics to drive zero emission mines

Electrification allows the complete removal of diesel from mines and, when combined with renewable energy can results in a decarbonised mine.
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Championing the future of EV charging in Africa

A decade ago the concept of autonomous driving and full electric vehicle (EV) fleets was very much a vision.

Electric-powered earthmoving trucks: A revolution has begun

“The mining sector is a great industry for disruption and has the power and motivation to showcase the true value of electric vehicles."
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Riding the storm: Commodities showing resilience during a crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial disarray on a global scale, there is a silver lining for some commodities mined in the DRC.
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Copper to drive global EV market growth, recording 7.4% by 2030

Electromobility reveals copper will play instrumental role in charging infrastructure, storage, and production of electric vehicles (EVs).
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Copper poised to maintain its upward price trajectory

Renewable power generation is also copper - hungry and on the rise as countries seek to meet Net Zero commitments and more sustainable operations.
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Nickel sulphate supply to peak in 2027 as EV driven demand...

“Existing and would-be nickel producers are being drawn to the possibility of manufacturing sulphate to benefit from perceived premiums."

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