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NextSource secures partnership with electric vehicle supply chain

“This collaboration partners us with prominent processors and suppliers of graphite anode material to the Tesla supply chain."
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Webinar: Nickel – The forgotten battery metal

Can Africa participate in this anticipated uptick in nickel demand? Does the continent offer resources worth extracting and if so, what is the timeline on doing so? Join Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum as we unpack this topic in greater detail.
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Platinum demand outstripped supply by record figure in 2020

Despite a year that saw the global economy contracting by 3.5%, the platinum market deficit in 2020 was -932 koz, the largest on record.

Mining stalwarts collaborate to decarbonise mine sites

Electrification is a game changer for the mining industry as it allows the complete removal of diesel from mines.

Leading technology solutions – a new generation of mechanisation

Machine Intelligence (MI) offers reliable and tested technology to assist users in improving safety and productivity.

West Africa poised for minerals diversification beyond gold

“With Europe’s plans and policies in place, electric vehicle sales are expected to increase from 2.5 million in 2019 to 10 million by 2025."

Which commodity should we be focusing on?

The impact of increasing CO² emissions has impacted negatively on the global climate and seen a swing towards a greener cyclical economy.

The role of aluminium in the energy transition

Aluminium’s light weight, corrosion resistance, and recyclability are major assets in becoming a metal of choice in the energy transition.
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Lion Battery Technologies: exclusive rights to technology

Under a sponsored research agreement, Lion has exclusive rights to all technology being developed Lion funding, including granted patents.

ERG’s Metalkol RTR commits to responsible minerals assurance process

“It is vital that cobalt is sourced responsibly and sustainably, and we have committed to this." - Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of ERG