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Glencore avoids risk with settlement of dispute

Glencore has carefully considered its legal and commercial options in connection with its dispute with Ventora Development Sasu and Africa Horizons Investments.

Miners should improve environmental reputation in battery metal market

As the consumer-conscious tech industry becomes increasingly valuable customers for major mining and metals producers, there will be a big push for firms to improve environmental standards and supply-chain transparency over the coming decade.
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VIDEO: CNN investigation reveals the dark side of cobalt mining

A CNN Freedom Project investigation has found that child labour is still being used to mine the mineral cobalt, a key component in lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles and smartphones.

Battery cathodes boost metals as electric vehicle market expands

The growing electric vehicle market will spur global demand for metals due to their use in a wide range of chemistry combinations within the cathodes of lithium ion batteries. BMI Research is a unit of the Fitch...

Anglo American Platinum invests in energy technologies

Anglo American Platinum announces its investment alongside Shell Technology Ventures in High-Yield Energy Technologies, a Dutch company that has developed electro-chemical hydrogen compression technology that will support the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles....

DRC cobalt deposits superior to global geologies

One of the most important facts when considering a portfolio in cobalt is this: Outside of the DRC, most cobalt is produced as a by-product of nickel, with only 1% mined as the primary...
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New DRC mining code will not alter positive outlook

On 10 March 2018, embattled Congolese President Joseph Kabila signed into law a new mining code that will raise royalties on minerals across the board, as he tries to shore up the support and funding...
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DRC government disregards concerns and enforces revised Mining Code

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) president Joseph Kabila on Friday signed the revised Mining Code into legislation – just two days after government met with the country’s major mining houses to negotiate terms...

BMI Research: continued strength depends on restraint

BMI Research is a unit of the Fitch Group. In 2017, miners posted strong financial results across the board, driven by higher metal prices. As the industry returns to a period of growth, continued profitability will depend...