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Kagem optimistic about Zambia’s gemstone future

The New Dawn government is a business-friendly government and has declared a tax regime which is predictable and investor-friendly.

Zambian emeralds set centre-stage by leading international auction house

“To certain collectors and gem connoisseurs, top quality Zambian emeralds are to be held in equal esteem to those of Colombian origin."

Gemfields: highest auction revenue since March 2016

The auction contained a selection of grades that are typically offered at Kagem Mining auctions of higher quality emeralds.

Responsibly-sourced emeralds take centre stage in fund raising collection

This will support the Gemfields Foundation by contributing 10% of all sales towards projects centred on children and education.

Kagem signs collective agreement with unions

Kagem Mining has signed an agreement with unions under which unionised employees will receive a 10% increase in basic salary for 2020.

Gravelotte emeralds to undergo commercial pricing assessment

Magnum Mining & Exploration is under way with the recovery of a parcel of emeralds from the trial mining programme at its Gravelotte emerald project, allowing for a commercial assessment of pricing.

Phase 2 of trial mining begins at Gravelotte emerald project

Phase 2 of the trial mining programme has just begun at Magnum Mining and Exploration’s Gravelotte emerald project in South Africa as a means to evaluate and determine the best mining processing and sorting techniques.
Kagem Mining

Kagem Mining invests in new equipment

Kagem Mining, which is 75%-owned by Gemfields, has invested US$11 million in new equipment to increase operational efficiencies at the Kagem emerald mine, creating further skilled local jobs in the process.

Gemfields turns status from net loss to net profit

Precious stones miner Gemfields estimates that it will transform its financial status for the six-month period to 30 June 2018 from a state of net loss to net profit.

Phase 1 of Gravelotte emerald project trial mining campaign yields results

ASX-listed Magnum Mining & Exploration has concluded Phase 1 of the trail mining campaign at its 74%-owned Gravelotte emerald project in South Africa.