SRK Consulting appoints general manager for its South African practice

Van Huyssteen has 17 years of experience in ESG and has been a principal environment scientist at the firm since 2014.

Sber and Eurasian Resources Group to develop ESG standards

"I am confident that this work will contribute heavily to the attainment of sustainable development goals by our companies.”

SOMO reviews controversial mining investments

The energy transition is leading to a surge in mining, an industry notorious for human rights violations and environmental destruction.

Environmental stewardship and mining: Powering a greener future

Reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry has become more than an ethical or regulatory imperative.

Dealing with water risks – shared responsibility needed

This was the general consensus of the panelists in a recent webinar titled Water Risks in the Mining Sector: Why they matter to business?

Copper, decarbonisation and dispute resolution

"If we are going to electrify the world and decarbonise this way, copper is the most important commodity taking over that role from oil.”

A decarbonised world needs mining

“If you want to do anything meaningful about climate change, you're going to need more mining, mine more metals and minerals."

90-Day turnaround on water use licences implemented in South Africa

Submissions after 1 April 2021 will follow the 90-day process while those initiated before 1 April 2021 will follow the 300-day process.

SRK: taking Africa’s voice to EU responsible sourcing process

“There is a depth of knowledge in Africa about responsible sourcing, and how these initiatives by the EU can be guided and supported."

Water security: South African companies playing their part

Mining has always been dependent on water and there is an ever-increasing demand for mining companies to contribute towards water security.

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