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Environmental stewardship and mining: Powering a greener future

Reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry has become more than an ethical or regulatory imperative.

Exxaro specialist appointed as vice chair on climate change task team

“You cannot isolate ESG issues – they are linked to your competitiveness and investor attractiveness." - Dr. Lerato Khumalo

Exxaro empowers tomorrow’s leaders at primary school

Exxaro is providing 180 local children with access to education.
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Is sustainable mining not a contradiction in itself?

The word “decarbonisation” has been hanging like a Damocles sword but the mining industry is coveting “best-in-class” performance>

Exxaro Resources disposes equity interest in Exxaro Coal Central

Exxaro identified assets which are non-core to its future strategic objectives and decided to dispose of its total equity interests.
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IDC backs out of Black Mountain deal

The sale will no longer proceed due to a change in the strategic priorities of the IDC, given the prevailing economic conditions.

Municipality and partner mining companies empower entrepreneurs

The Municipality’s vision is to build workshop facilities with the objective of housing informal businesses operating within the township.
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Aggressive protest sparks fatality

The deceased was part of a protest that entered the private property that set fire to a part of the veld and a conveyor belt leading.
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Exxaro Resources sets the record straight

Exxaro clarifies negotiations are advanced regarding its sale of its Black Mountain interest, but that no transaction has been concluded.

Exxaro’s Matla men say #Kwanele to gender-based violence

"We must do our part not only transforming our workplace but also in eradicating the challenges of South Africa's culture of violence." - Musa Mabasa.

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