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Glencore Coal launches business hub to empower local businesses

Glencore Coal has launched their Enterprise Supplier Development Portal as a key tool to support SMMEs in their communities.
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Re|Source cements partnership with Tesla

Tesla has been a key partner in designing and implementing the tracing solution, which was officially announced on 20 May 2021.

Glencore maintains vaccine momentum in South Africa

Glencore has worked alongside the government to aid the impact in communities as well as keep their staff members safe during this time.

Glencore Coal announces over R59 million for social upliftment

Glencore continues to effectively work towards making sure that its presence and positive impact are felt by their mining communities.

Coal production from top 10 companies expected to increase by up to 6.6%

Coal production from the top ten mining companies fell from a collective 1,704 Mt in 2019 to 1,633 Mt in 2020, which is a 4.2% decline.
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Sale of interest in Mopani Copper Mines complete

Carlisa Investments has completed the sale to ZCCM Investments Holdings of its 90% interest in Mopani Copper Mines.
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Op-ed: Do we understand ESG? Or are we trying to make it fit?

"Today, there is not a single investment discussion that can possibly avoid touching on ESG." - Elodie Delagneau Savasta
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Free community Wi-Fi reaches 100 million mark

By providing free Wi-Fi, the company enable students to increase their knowledge through research and access to e-Learning platforms.

What’s wrong with Zambia? Glencore makes drastic exit

The drastic decline of the Zambian mining sector was never more apparent than it was this week when Glencore announced its exit from the country by selling its stake in Mopani Copper Mines for one meagre US dollar to state-controlled investment vehicle ZCCM Investment Holdings.
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Glencore signs sale contract valued at US$1.5 billion

Glencore will retain offtake rights in respect of Mopani’s copper production until the Transaction Debt has been repaid in full.