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Global mining executives predict class action lawsuit

According to 800 global mining executives, the mining industry is set to face a series of health-related class actions in the coming decade.

Gold Fields achieves 73% vaccination rate at South Deep

3,122 employees and contractors, representing 73% of the workforce, chose to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

South Deep rolls out vaccination to employees and contractors

The vaccines are the first of a two-dose regime, with the second dose planned to be administered in the prescribed time period.
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Gold Fields’ South Deep gold mine, NUM and UASA reach wage agreement

"The settlement agreement is fair and balanced, taking into account the impact increases in cost of living are likely to have on employees."

Gold Fields board gives green light to South Deep solar project

The 40 MW solar plant will generate over 20% of the average electricity consumption of the mine. It will comprise 116,000 solar panels.

Is renewable energy mining’s new normal?

Adopting renewable energy as a hybrid or even primary energy source is becoming a widely accepted solution for the African mining sector.

Gold production from top companies expected to increase by up to 3.1%

Production from the world’s eight largest gold producers decreased by 6.5% to 25 Moz in 2020 due to several factors.

Fatality announcement at Gold Fields’ South Deep gold mine

Vumile Mgcine succumbed from injuries sustained while attempting to unblock a chute outlet on an underground conveyor belt.
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Gold Fields’ director and deputy-chairperson steps down

Menell led the recent CEO succession process on behalf of the Gold Fields Board, which was concluded earlier this year.

Mining stalwarts collaborate to decarbonise mine sites

Electrification is a game changer for the mining industry as it allows the complete removal of diesel from mines.