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The future of mining: How do we ensure technology is embraced?

As mines across mature and drilling becomes harder, technology will extend mine life by enabling existing resources to be maximised.

Hogan Lovells releases third and final Future of Mining Report

Automation and digitisation help mining companies realise their full potential, operate efficiently and maximize safety protocols.

How to get foreign direct investment in mining right?

South Africa attracted only R2.5 billion of new investment in 2020, a sharp 45% drop from the 2019 figure of R4.6 billion.

Mines show willingness to adopt green energy, where feasible

Companies in Africa believe that a priority for driving sustainability in the sector is increased renewable utilisation.

Op-ed: How can South Africa’s sunset industry be extended?

No picture of South Africa's future is complete without taking into account what mining can contribute to the economy.
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Mining companies recognise green energy as key sustainability driver

A report aimed at raising awareness of the core issues affecting the future of the mining sector has found that mining companies recognise the importance of having sound sustainability practices.
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What will the SA mining industry look like post COVID-19?

Predictions of mining's future must consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic globally, and what transpired over the past quarter of a century.

Supporting development and transformation in the mining sector

Suppliers of services to the mining sector have played a significant role in the growth, development and transformation of the mining sector.

Implementation of environmental regulations should not be taken lightly

By Warren Beech, Head of Mining and Partner at Hogan Lovells The uncertainty and complexity surrounding the promulgation of wide-ranging environmental regulations impacting on the mining industry is a concern. The judgement of the High Court of...