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Ensuring water security in South Africa

With increasing pressure from population growth and the need for water to support economic growth South Africa’s water security is increasingly at risk.

Innovative financing solutions for an ever-changing energy landscape

The world is rapidly moving towards sustainable sources of energy and renewable energy is at the forefront of this evolution.
FBNBank aluminium

Global energy transition and supply issues key for aluminium in 2020

Potential supply disruptions in the Gulf and West Africa are key to the outlook for aluminium in 2020, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Pumped storage hydro power combines with solar PV in Zimbabwe

Swedish-owned Ngonyezi Projects has entered into a Non-Consumptive Water Use Agreement with the Zimbabwe National Water Authority.
Oriole Resources

Africa Finance Corporation invests in Cameroon’s energy supply as demand grows

The Africa Finance Corporation will invest in the construction of a new hydro power plant in Cameroon as the demand for electricity continues to grow.

First Quantum reports sufficient, consistent power supply to Zambian operations

TSX-listed First Quantum Minerals’ on Tuesday reported that its Zambian copper operations, which include the Kansanshi mine, smelter and the Sentinel project, are being...

No light at the end of the tunnel in Ghana electricity...

Ghana – The Ghana electricity shortage has led to a 33% reduction in electricity supply to mining and industrial customers since January this year. This...

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