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COVID-19: An unprecedented threat to development in Africa

The COVID-19 crisis threatens to reverse recent development progress across the region and may weigh on growth for years to come.
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US$115.3 Million for COVID-19 measures in Burkina Faso

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Burkina Faso is rapidly unfolding, with the short-term outlook worsening quickly.

IMF approves US$1 billion to address COVID-19 in Ghana

The International Monetary Fund has approved the disbursement of about US$1 billion to be drawn under the Rapid Credit Facility for Ghana.

Vulnerabilities pose threat to Zambia’s growth outlook

Zambia - According to the IMF, Zambia's growth outlook has potential, but lingering vulnerabilities pose risks to its outlook. The recent amendment to its...

$918M loan granted to resolve Ghana economic crisis

Ghana - The IMF Executive Board has approved a USD$918 million loan to resolve the Ghana economic crisis with a reform programme aimed at...

Ghana power crisis worsens, Nigeria cuts gas supply

Ghana - Ghana’s Volta River Authority says Nigeria had cut gas supply to Ghana over a +US$100 million debt, which is set to further...

Zambia mining tax deals heavy economic blows, review welcomed

Zambia - The combination of the new Zambia mining tax and weak copper prices is dealing heavy blows to Zambia’s economy. As such it is...

Iron prices & Ebola in Sierra Leone result in economic slump

Sierra Leone - A sharp drop in iron ore price together the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone have dealt a severe blow to the...

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