Industrie 4.0


Modernisation in Mining podcast series

As companies develop the mines of the future, technology has an even greater role to play in optimising productivity and enhancing safety.
SEW Eurodrive

SEW-Eurodrive breaks ground on new R200 million facility

The factory will be fitted with Industry 4.0 compliant technologies including automated assembly machines and guided vehicles.

How to reduce downtime with robots

In a world that is always connected and moving at a blistering speed, businesses cannot afford to have extensive periods of downtime.
South Africa transformation

Diversity and inclusion drives Exxaro’s transformation programme

As one of the largest and foremost black-empowered mining companies in the country, Exxaro is an industry leader with regards to transformation.
Multotec Technology 1

Collaboration crucial to the advancing of process technology

The age of digital technology holds huge potential for equipment performance in the field of mineral processing says Multotec.

Worley: Leading digital transformation in mining

Digital transformation is now centre stage in the mining sector – an industry which has been slow on the uptake until now.

Runner-up: Excellence in Technology – GECI

Mining moving to Industry 4.0 and adopting automation is a double-edged sword. Do these innovations also increase the risk of a cyber-attack?
Fourth Industrial Revolution

Joint ventures in IoT will kick-start ailing industries

Connecting physical objects to the internet and ensuring these can “talk” in the cloud may sound like something best left to science fiction writers.

Bringing automation to the mining industry

Johan Meyer shares the importance of bringing automation skills to the youth in preparation for the fourth industrialist revolution in South Africa.

MRA EXCLUSIVE at Mining Indaba: Workforce vs Fourth Industrial Revolution

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, mine engineers need to be tech-savvy. How do they learn these skills?

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