Industrie 4.0

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How Industry 4.0 can benefit the workforce

With widespread trends of automation and digitalisation transforming business, many have predicted blue-collar workers will suffer the consequences.

Research programme to create digital technology adoption framework

The mining industry lacks digital technology in the face of the continuous change brought about by digital and the now imposing 4IR.
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Mining is making its move

Many different materials have held the title of “most important” resource over the course of history. Industry 4.0 is another contender.
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4IR: The future of mining is now

Whether it’s in the halls of mining exhibitions or at seminars about the future of mining, all the talk is about the imminent Fourth Industrial Resolution.

What will mining operations of the future look like?

Andrew Lane from Deloitte discusses how mining operations have and should adapt to benefit from technology for successful and sustainable operations.

Working groups on cyber-security and the electric mine launched

The GMG has launched two new working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine to create safe and sustainable mines of the future.
Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fourth Industrial Revolution not the biggest culprit causing job losses

Solidarity has stated that the large-scale job losses in South Africa cannot be mainly attributed to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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The Digital Mine: how miners are turning a vision into reality

African and South African companies at the forefront of both the creation of transformative digital technologies on the physical and digital rockface.
industry 4.0

TECH NEWS: Game-changing Industry 4.0 solutions

With digitalisation seeping into the mining industry and transforming day-to-day procedures Industry 4.0 is enhancing operation and process compliancy.
Eurasian Resources sustainability

ERG publishes Sustainable Development Report 2018

The Report highlights further progress in achieving long-term sustainability which lies at the heart of the Group’s business strategy.

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