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Integrated Pump Rental is a specialist pump rental organisation that caters to the needs of all sectors, including mining, quarrying, construction, wastewater,...

Rapid dewatering by Sykes high head pump at Botswana open pit

A total of 103 million litres of water was removed in just 30 days to enable exploratory drilling to take place.

Desilting process ponds: Maintenance key to maximise efficiency

“The typical trend we are observing however is that the large majority of ponds contain up to 90% slurry, reeds and debris."

South African mine adds another Sykes pump to solve flooding

When heavy rains flooded a mine, it was the Sykes XH150 dewatering pump from Integrated Pump Rental that came to the rescue.

Process ponds – maintenance a must says Integrated Pump Rental

Learn about the advantages of using the company’s SlurrySucker dredging unit and the importance of desilting during the winter months.

SlurrySucker succeeds where old methods fail

The desilting barge is cleaning a large process dam for a coal mine in Mpumalanga, after past attempts by numerous contractors had failed.

West coast miner installs SlurrySucker for pond dredging

“The pumping capacity of the dredging unit will ensure optimal operation of the dams which need to be kept at the required storage volumes."

Regular desilting vital for mine ponds

Ensuring sufficient water storage capacity in mines’ process ponds is crucial for the optimal functioning of mineral treatment plants.

Make sure all pumps add to efficiency urges expert

“To support our product ranges – and keep our own rental fleet in optimal condition – we invest in our quality-accredited workshop facilities."
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Stainless steel pump solution for Namibian mine

The harsh coastal conditions at a mining operation in Namibia demanded a dewatering solution beyond the ordinary.
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Cost-pressed mines see benefits in mobile pump rentals

Tough economic conditions for the mining sector has seen a growth in the rental of mobile pumping and dewatering solutions.

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