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One step at a time: IRP 2019

The IRP 2019 is the latest addition to the array of legal instruments South Africa has adopted to transition to a low carbon economy.
energy IRP Integrated Resource Plan

South Africa reveals its blueprint for its energy future

South Africa has approved IRP 2019 that plots the path for the nation’s generation technology mix to assuage the current energy crisis in the country.

What you need to know: South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan 2019

IRP 2019 sets out nine policy supply and demand side interventions in the short term to minimise the risk of load shedding.
energy IRP Integrated Resource Plan

Finalisation of Integrated Resource Plan imminent – Mantashe

South Africa’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe has announced the country’s Integrated Resource Plan will be concluded within days.
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South Africa’s coal sector headed for major job losses

South Africa’s coal sector may be facing considerable job losses as the country’s latest energy plan looks to cleaner power generation options.

Life After Coal, Greenpeace Africa slam inclusion of coal in electricity...

The inclusion of new coal in the updated draft IRP for electricity will cost South Africa close to R20 billion more than it needs to spend.

Water costs, impacts of coal-fired power grossly underestimated

Mining coal and burning it in power stations uses large amounts of water, and pollutes even more of the precious resource.
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Irrational IRP can expect legal challenges

The Life After Coal Campaign and Greenpeace Africa say that the Department of Energy will face a legal challenge from them if the IRP for electricity ignores constitutional obligations.

Challenges and opportunities abound in Africa’s energy sector

Baker McKenzie’s Global Transaction Forecast for the Energy Sector shows that total merger and acquisition value in the energy sector in Africa and the Middle...

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