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Mining vulnerable to cybersecurity risks

A vast majority of companies agree that they must strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities, but say they lack the skills and technology.

Is Africa ready for advanced mining technology?

We live in an era where technology keeps advancing and continually alters and improves many facets of our social, economic and environmental existence.

Data management – solutions for the digital revolution

The ability to analyse and derive intelligence from vast amounts of data generated across any mine is a digital revolution in this sector.

How Industrie 4.0 and blockchain can avert water crises

Water crises have ranked among the top global risks in terms of potential impact for seven years in a row. This tells us that a new approach is a necessity.

Veolia connects water treatment to digital era

The IoT takes a big leap in the water treatment industry in 2019 with the launch of Veolia Water Technologies’ new AQUAVISTA digital platform in Africa.
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How quickly could a cyber attack take down critical infrastructure?

Industry stakeholders need to consider the impacts of unseen risks, such as cyber attacks, on operational technology networks.
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Remote tailings dam monitoring with real-time analysis

Collaboration enables mining companies to remotely monitor tailings dam status in real-time, with independent analysis to guide critical decision making