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Pandemic spurs on IIoT in mining

The pandemic has catalysed businesses to increase reliance on Industry 4.0, and particularly IIOT, in order to maintain business continuity.

Petroleum and mining sectors call for innovation

Innovation is an investment into skills that allow for industries to reshape their approaches to resources and infrastructure.
carbon capture Climate Change

Webber Wentzel: Technology is the key to unlocking a green future

The role of technology in transforming unsustainable systems, structures and practices is recognised in the United Nation's SDGs. 

Emerging cyber threats in the mining sector

Due to the increasing level of technology, the consequences of attacks on organisations can be widespread and potentially devastating.

Master Drilling acquires stake in data-driven fleet management

“Technological innovation is a key priority for Master Drilling as we continue to support our clients to move down the cost curve."

Connectivity: The foundation of digital transformation

As the mining sector moves towards a more digitised and automated future, connectivity is becoming increasingly important.

Own the impact of 2021!

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the need for digitisation and it is crucial to embrace this change to remain competitive.

Effective risk management: make the information work for you

Companies are being targeted by consultancies offering smart mines, digital mines, AI enabled mines, all operating at or on ‘The Edge’.

Partnership advances automated data management and analytics

The IIoT solution gives mining companies access to real-time information and analytics for continuous and complete surveillance

Effective risk management requires good information

Decision makers and data providers can often fixate on the source and presentation of data rather than its “true worth.