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What lurks inside: cyber threats cannot be ignored

As the mining industry moves towards IoT and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, it has inadvertently opened itself up to cyber attacks.

Security technology for digital revolution era

While offering opportunities to boost productivity the mining industry's move towards technology is helping them gain competitive advantage.
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Cybersecurity risks – is a skills deficit the challenge?

Businesses recognise their approaches to cybersecurity must be strengthened but are not yet taking the practical steps to safeguard their IoT deployments.

Digital transformation is changing the business world

Digital transformation is creating opportunity for innovation and is seeing a reinvention of products, services being delivered to the market.
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Goldcorp announces finalists at #DisruptMining Finale

TSX/NYSE-listed Goldcorp has announced the three finalists selected to pitch to the distinguished panel of judges at the #DisruptMining 2019 live finale.
Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff Automation discusses the importance of Industrie 4.0

Beckhoff Automation shares its insights of the importance of Industrie 4.0 and some of the innovations it has introduced to the market.

Taking digital transformation to the next level

Digital technology in the mining sector is no longer a luxury but compulsory and guarantees enhanced operational performance and strategic decision making.

Disruptive technologies and new-age thinking

The ability to offer value creative propositions has become essential to the lifeblood of mining operations which are heavily influenced by a world that where technology is constantly evolving.