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Africa Mining Forum

Africa Mining Forum will highlight investment and exploration

"Looking ahead, collaboration between government, civil society and the private sector will play an important role in helping African economies and supply chains rebuild."
sustainability ethics

Sustainability: Looming large on the agenda for juniors

In 2019 advisory, assurance, tax and transaction services company EY released its findings on the top 10 business risks facing mining and metals in 2020.

Investment for junior miners eyeing a slice of the pie

“Sitting back and saying there is no money is simply not true. It’s a competitive world out there so juniors have to work hard to secure funding.”

Investment: you better be real and get ready

Appointing advisors is something many companies do with some trepidation. Keeping a tight rein on expenses is business as usual for juniors.

MRA EXCLUSIVE at Mining Indaba: Will banks still back juniors?

Juniors face a tough task convincing banks for funding. Shirley Webber explains what makes a project attractive to banks when it comes to securing funding.

EPCM support for African Juniors and mining start-ups

SIS is the main process engineering “house“ for two main principal mining projects in South Africa: Vanchem-Vanadium and Springlake.

Securing investment – advice for junior miners

Junior miners need to ensure they establish a relationship with and engage with investors on their project well in advance of the funding being required.
Mining Indaba

Mining Indaba promises to connect investors and miners

Mining Indaba will fulfil its commitment to unite investors, mining companies, governments and other stakeholders during the event.

Junior mining outlook: Have we turned the tide?

The heyday of the mining sector is behind us. The sector’s contribution as a proportion of South African GDP peaked at 21% in 1980.

Today’s cryptocurrency to fund tomorrow’s gold mines

An innovative and industry leading cryptocurrency, backed by cash and asset security, has been launched by Perth-based corporate advisory firm PCF Capital.