Lucara signs US$220 million debt facility for operations at Karowe

"Lucara is moving forward with a fully financed underground expansion project, extending Karowe's mine life to at least 2040."
Lucara Diamond Corp.

Lucara enters agreements to raise funds for Karowe expansion

The proceeds will be used for working capital to support the development and ongoing operation of the Karowe diamond mine.

Lucara recovers another colossus from Karowe

It measures 77x55x33 mm and is described as a clivage gem of variable quality with significant domains of high-quality white gem material.

470 carat diamond recovered from Karowe

Year to date, Karowe has produced 10 diamonds greater than 100 carats.
lulo lucapa

Lucara secures US$220 million for Karowe underground expansion

"The mine remains one of the world's highest margin diamond mines and has yielded 4 of the 10 largest diamonds in recorded history."

Lucara Diamonds’ journey through 2021

Lucara is delivering a strong future pipeline, for a new Karowe mine and taking into account the customer journey in purchasing.

Lucara secures long-terms supply agreement for +10.8 carat diamonds

Canadian miner Lucara Diamond Corp. has entered into a 24-month extension of its definitive supply agreement with HP Antwerp for diamonds produced in excess of 10.8 carats in size from its 100% owned Karowe diamond mine in Botswana.
Lucara Diamond Corp.

Limited sales yield strong Q4, 2020 financials

"The decision not to sell rough diamonds in excess of +10.8 carats after Q1 protected prices for large, high value diamonds."

Lucara recovers top white gem diamond

"The 341 carat diamond represents the 54th diamond greater than 200 carats to be recovered from Karowe since 2015."
Lucara Karowe

Karowe receives mining licence renewal and extension

The renewal is effective for a period of 25 years, securing Lucara's mining rights to 2046 and marks a step in the formal sanction of Karowe.

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