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Solidarity seeks amendment of affirmative action legislation

Solidarity has asked the Labour Court to oblige government to implement the recommendations of a report on equality released by the SAHRC.

Innovative financial provisioning for rehabilitation requirements

The South African mining industry awaits finalisation of government’s regulatory requirements relating to the rehabilitation of land disturbed by mining.

Mining employers required to review exposure to pollution

Mining employers required to review and amend mandatory code of practice on exposure to airborne pollution. The Guideline for the Compilation of a Mandatory Code...

SA mining workforce engagement critical to industry survival

The adversarial relationship between stakeholders in the mining sector (including the mining workforce) is doing little to calm the tensions currently being experienced. Looming...

Kenya Mining Code: New legislation faces delays with Balala corruption enquiry

Kenya - The new Kenya Mining Code is currently being debated by the upper house of parliament, but the legislation is likely to face...

Mining Charter: Once empowered, always empowered – or not?

By Laura Cornish. South Africa - The Department of Mineral Resources’ (DMR) minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi today announced the results on the industry’s compliance with the...

Quarries – mines or manufacturers?

South Africa - The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has thrown the cat among the pigeons with a new interpretation draft note which classifies...

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