Lily mine


EXCLUSIVE: Why the Lily mine deal with SSC went sour

The original change of ownership for Lily mine from Vantage Goldfields (SA) to Siyakhula Sonke Corporation (SSC) subsidiary, Flaming Silver, was exciting but the company’s inability to raise the necessary finance saw shareholders question the deal.
Lily mine

Fight for Lily mine is over

The battle of who will take ownership of Vantage Goldfields’ Lily and Barbrook mines is completely over, with no more hurdles left between now and reopening Lily mine.
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Lily has a new owner, and may soon open its doors

The potential to reopen Barberton’s Lily and Barbrook gold mines is really looking positive now that owner Vantage Goldfields Ltd has accepted to sell 100% of its shares and claims in its South African subsidiary to a Level 1 BB-BEE company.
Taung Gold

Taung Gold leads offer to BRPs for Lily and Barbrook

Taung Gold has made a offer to the joint BRPs of Vantage Goldfields, Makonjwaan Imperial Mining Company and Barbrook Mines to acquire Lily and Barbrook.

Lily and Barbrook Mines takeover delayed as court battle continues

SSC and its subsidiary, Flaming Silver Trading 373, hereby give an update in light of a judgment handed down on 17 July 2019 at the Mbombela High Court.
Vantage Goldfields

Court rules in favour of Vantage Goldfields SA

Judgement was handed down in the Mbombela High Court on 17 July 2019 in the matter between Flaming Silver and Vantage Goldfields SA, or VGSA.

Lily and Barbrook gold mines sale in limbo over dispute

The fate of the Lily and Barbrook gold mines in Mpumalanga hang in the balance as Siyakhula Sonke Empowerment Corporation (SSC Group) and its subsidiary Flaming Silver, have turned to the Mpumalanga High Court to resolve a dispute with Vantage Goldfields South Africa regarding a sale of shares agreement for the two mines

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Lily mine is reopening its doors

The much publicised Lily gold mine in Barberton, closed since a pillar collapse in February 2016, will soon reopen its doors which a new owner who has major aspirations for the mine and the rest of the assets previous owner Vantage Goldfields held.

Lily mine to sink second shaft to facilitate rescue

Earlier this month, the mine suffered a fall of ground, but was able to rescue all 87 workers . Three of the mine’s employees...

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