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Lithium-ion cell capacity to quadruple to 1.3 TWh by 2030

The total capacity attributes to 119 battery manufacturing facilities that are operational, under construction or announced by more than 50 vendors.
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Nickel sulphate supply to peak in 2027 as EV driven demand...

“Existing and would-be nickel producers are being drawn to the possibility of manufacturing sulphate to benefit from perceived premiums."
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What are the benefits of LiFeP04 for electric forklifts?

The aim of CHASE Technologies is to convert 50% of the current electric forklift market from lead-acid to lithium iron phosphate batteries within 5 years.

Lithium iron phosphate versus lead acid battery systems

Representing the most advanced battery technology available at present, LiFePO4 is also environment-friendly.
Lion Battery Technologies

Syrah Resources to restart Battery Anode Material plant

The Feasibility Study for the scale-up of the Vidalia battery facility post product qualification continued during the period of suspended operations.
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Li-ion demand to grow 10-fold but can supply meet demand?

An IDTechEx report provides a comprehensive overview of the Li-ion market with commentary and analysis on the bottlenecks that may hinder it.

“The potential of the Li-ion battery recycling industry is enormous”

Rwanda and the region are important sources of many of the technology metals that are essential building blocks of the energy and mobility revolution.
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Magnis Energy Technologies secures $8 million for working capital

Magnis Energy Technologies has secured $8 Million in funding from Middle East-based Negma Group to use as capital funding on all of its projects.

Africa’s emerging tin champion

Tin is expected to benefit from the increase in demand considering it will play a significant role in the lithium-ion battery market.
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Funding and investment: renegotiation of mining contracts

The announcement in 2018 of Gécamines that it will renegotiate contracts with international miners is part of a wider general trend across the continent.

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