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Op-ed: Is load shedding here to stay?

There are steps which every electricity user can and should take to decrease demand for electricity and reduce the risk of load shedding.

TECH NEWS: The quest for reliable and predictable power answered

“Load-shedding has prompted a surge in orders for our modular units as you can add-on more storage as your need it," says Solar MD.
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TECH NEWS: Managing the fire risk of transformer explosions

The dangerous combination of load shedding and a lack of preventative maintenance can result in arc flashes, which are basically mini lightning bolts.
Eskom African Utility Week

AUW & POWERGEN Africa to focus on large power users

More than 30% of South African mining projects will be terminated prematurely due to additional power costs if suitable solutions are not found.

Underground mining resumes in SA amid continued load shedding

Underground mining at Harmony Gold and Petra Diamonds’ operations in South Africa has resumed after the unprecedented move by Eskom to implement Stage 6 load shedding on 9 December.
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Load shedding forces SA underground mines to stop production

South Africa’s unprecedented move to Stage 6 load shedding on the evening of 9 December after Eskom declared a power system emergency due to a shortage of generation capacity saw two South African mining companies resultantly close their underground mining operations.

Load shedding a rarity by 2025 says PwC power survey

Power utility companies and stakeholders across Africa anticipate a brighter and different outlook for the sector in the decade ahead, according to a new report from PwC. 51 senior power and utility sector executives from...

Zambia to import power to ease deficit

Zambia – Zambia will begin importing power to alleviate the current power deficit being experienced in the county. As a result of a power deficit of 560 MW, Zambia plans to cut power supplies to...

Selecting the optimum generator set solution critical says Zest WEG Group

The current power constraints facing South Africa and Africa have resulted in companies being requested to cut their power consumption by at least 10% in order to alleviate the pressure on the overburdened transmission...

No light at the end of the tunnel in Ghana electricity shortage

Ghana – The Ghana electricity shortage has led to a 33% reduction in electricity supply to mining and industrial customers since January this year. This is partly owing to an increase in electricity demand and...