Maamba Collieries

Maamba Collieries

Maamba Collieries unveils game changing mining equipment

This makes Maamba the first mining firm in Zambia to operate this Surface Miner, used to mine in layers by using a milling drum.
Maamba Collieries coal energy

Maamba supplies full capacity as demand peaks

Zambia relies heavily on hydropower for energy but has been facing power shortages, caused by drought. In March, its electricity deficit had reached 810 MW.
Maamba Kariba

Maamba mitigates power risk at Lake Kariba

Falling water levels in Kariba have necessitated MCL to relocate its pumps to a new location in the lake to provide water for its 300-Megawatt power plant.

Zambia power reductions imposed: First Quantum cuts back at Kansanshi

On Saturday, 25 July, Zambia power reductions were initiated and electricity supply to First Quantum Minerals’ Kansanshi operation, including the smelter was reduced to 117...

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