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OBITUARY: Navin Singh: 14 November 1971 – 12 July 2021

Navin’s passing on 12 July 2021 is a loss to all those that knew him. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family, friends, and colleagues.
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No lack of enthusiasm for ESG principles

To make progress toward meaningful impact, mining companies must embed the right methodologies and administrative processes to enable this.

The importance of technology intervention for the future of mining

Mandela Mining Precinct Co-Director Navin Singh speaks about how it is working towards the revitalization of mining research, development and innovation.
Alistair Macfarlane

Thought Leader of the Year: Alastair Macfarlane – Mandela Mining Precinct

Alistair MacFarlane has been instrumental in reinvigorating research and development and innovation in South Africa’s mining industry.
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Research programme aims to optimise current mine cycles

South Africa’s mining industry needs to change its current mining strategy if it is to prolong its sustainability and retain the jobs it supports.

Mining all of the reef, all of the time

Conventional lasting means that mining stops to allow for toxic fumes to dissipate and for the rock mass to stabilise after blasting.

Research programme to create digital technology adoption framework

The mining industry lacks digital technology in the face of the continuous change brought about by digital and the now imposing 4IR.

Digitalisation key to unlocking competitiveness

For the first time in history we have an incredible opportunity to use digitalisation to transform entire economies at an unprecedented rate.
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Minerals Council South Africa launches health and safety strategy

The Minerals Council South Africa has launched the Khumbul’ekhaya initiative developed and led by the Minerals Council CEO Zero Harm Forum.

How to achieve better extraction and safer mining methods

Having led gold production for over a century, South Africa lost its title as Africa’s leading gold producer to Ghana in June due to its shrinking output.