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Engineered Flow Aids resolve bulk material handling issues

Flow aids are components or systems installed to promote the transport of materials through a chute or vessel, controlling dust and spillage.

Conveyor belt cleaner tension: key to optimal performance

The selection of a belt cleaner should be based on the duty rating of the cleaner as provided and then the appropriate system selected.

Dealing with unsafe work practices around conveyors

Conveyors pose a number of risks to personnel working on or near them.

Autonomous conveyor belt cleaning technology now available

The N2 Twist Tensioner automatically maintains precise cleaning pressure throughout the entire life of the blade, without maintenance.

Designed for safety: a new approach to belt conveyors

The design delivers extends service life, lowers belt wear, significantly reduces maintenance, and improves safety.
Martin Engineering

Preventing accumulation in mining hoppers and chutes

Efficient material flow is a critical element of wet mining processes such as stoping, hydraulic mining and wet dredging.
Martin Engineering

Conveyor service contracts: Reduce downtime and operating cost

Mining operators are increasingly turning to outside contractors to take advantage of consistent maintenance schedules and expert service.

Safety: How to prevent conveyor-related injury

“If a conveyor is merely stopped and de-energized, tension may remain in the belt in the form of stored energy," explains Process Engineer Dan Marshall.

Vibrating subfloor prevents buildup in conveyor discharge chutes

Global bulk material handling specialist Martin Engineering offers an innovative solution that prevents carry-back released by secondary conveyor belt cleaners from sticking to the rear slope of conveyor discharge chutes. If left to build up,...

Martin Engineering launches super heavy-duty conveyor belt cleaners  

A family of primary conveyor belt cleaners has been engineered by bulk materials handling cleaner manufacturer Martin Engineering for the world’s fastest, most heavily-loaded conveyor belts. The belt cleaners feature industrial-strength construction that delivers effective cleaning, minimal...