Micromine is a comprehensive and easy to use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation...
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MICROMINE: taking data management to the next level

MICROMINE’s leading fleet management and mine control solution – Pitram 4.17 – is taking data management to the next level with enhanced functionality.

Micromine Effects has an eye to the future

Mining software leader MICROMINE has launched an exclusive new viewer, Micromine Effects that makes sharing complex design and visualisation files a breeze.

Simplifying the complexities of Geological Data Management

Daniel Oosthuizen, Senior Data Management Specialist, Micromine discusses simplifying the complexities of Geological Data Management.

Micromine 2020.5 – NEW Mine Design Tools

Eliminate manual workflows by creating blast-hole patterns within the bounds of a dig block.

Micromine 2020.5 – NEW Laser Scan Surveys

Micromine's Mine Surveyor Bundle includes Micromine 2020.5 NEW Laser Scan Surveys so you can map underground workings by converting 3D laser scan...

Micromine 2020.5 – NEW Implicit Modelling functionality

Micromine's Resource Modeller has all the implicit modelling functionality you need and Micromine 2020.5 has a NEW smoothness vs accuracy slider in...

FREE Implicit Modelling Tutorial

Here's a taste of what you will see in our Implicit Modelling Video. Click here to see the full video
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Data management invaluable in discovery of extensive gold deposit

Ian Whitehouse Product Strategy Manager, Geobank says, “All Bardoc Gold RC samples are now geologically logged directly into hand-held Geobank devices.”

Implicit modelling tools deliver advanced precision

“These improvements give users greater power to capture, manage and interpret exploration and production data to optimise their planning and operations.”

MICROMINE leads the trend in modernising core tech

The mining sector is being urged to modernise its technology infrastructure if it wants to be competitive in the digital era.

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