minbos resources

Minbos Resources

Minbos Resources: Stimulating agriculture, promoting food security

Minbos Resources, is in the early stages of building a nutrient supply and distribution business with the aim of stimulating agricultural production.
Minbos Resources

Minbos Resources to further optimise Cabinda phosphate rock blend

Minbos Resources is undertaking further greenhouse trials of the phosphate rock blend from its Cabinda phosphate project in Angola to enhance the value-in-use of the blend.
Minbos Resources

Minbos makes key appointment for Angolan phosphate project

Minbos Resources has appointed Oreology Consulting to assist with work on the definitive feasibility study for its Cabinda phosphate project in Angola.
Minbos Resources

Minbos bid for Angolan phosphate concession a success

ASX-listed exploration and development company Minbos Resources’ bid for the Cácata Phosphate concession, located in Cabinda, Angola, has been successful.

Angolan mines ministry awards new licence for Minbos Resources Cacata deposit

Angola - The Angolan Ministry of Mines and Geology (MGM) has issued Minbos Resources a new  licence for its Cacata phosphate deposit. The new licence has been...

Minbos Resources exits from Kanzi phosphate project in the DRC

DRC - ASX-listed Minbos Resources has entered into a binding agreement with African Phosphate (AFP) to dispose of its rights in the Kanzi project. Under...

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