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New uses for old mine shafts

While some mining rehabilitation projects regenerate land damaged by mining, other efforts are finding new uses for abandoned mine shafts.

Deloitte: Top 10 issues for mining during the next 12 months

As the industry now stands in the middle of what appears to be another bull run for some commodities, the next 10 years will see the continuation of rapid change in the industry against...

Pushing the boundaries of chemical precipitation for mine water treatment

To support the environmental assessment of a new gold mine project, McCue Engineering Contractors completed the preliminary design of a mine water treatment plant using a water profile modeled for the future open pit...

MechCaL and I-CAT collaborate to develop evaporation canon

High-performance fan-design and manufacturing company MechCaL and leading environmental solutions provider I-CAT have announced that they will join forces to develop an optimised evaporation canon, the I-VAP 500. The first completed units are destined...