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What you need to know about chrome export tax

The MCSA is engaging with the DMRE and Treasury and is seeking solutions that enhance the competitiveness of the chrome value chain.

Adapting to change: MCSA members lead the way

In its fight against COVID-19, mining companies in South Africa have contributed significantly towards bolstering medical infrastructure.
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Minerals Council South Africa observes Global Ethics Day 2020

The Minerals Council is using this day to reinforce members’ commitment to the Membership Compact, its code of ethical business conduct.
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Reprioritising TB, HIV and NCDs in the era of COVID-19

An online seminar aimed at giving impetus to ensuring that the battles against HIV, TB and NCDs are not distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minerals Council reprioritises occupational health in the era of COVID-19

Dr Thuthula Balfour unpacks the Minerals Council South Africa’s strategy of reprioritising its health programme in the era of COVID-19.
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A call to reprioritize pre-existing occupational health threats

"We must not lose sight of pre-existing health threats including occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, TB, HIV and NCDs."

Mining Elites 2020 recap: Thought leader of the year

Roger Baxter is fully committed to the mining industry and a person who pulls no punches when it comes to addressing pertinent matters. T
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Robust virus testing is key to SA mining industry’s COVID-19 response

The Minerals Council South Africa believes that the COVID-19 testing initiatives undertaken by its member companies was an important tool used by the mining industry, firstly, to better understand the progress of the virus, and secondly, to better manage the spread of the virus.
Corruption State

MCSA calls for visible leadership in the eradication of corruption

“Thus far we have seen limited real decisive action, let alone the kinds of prosecutions that could reassure the country." - MCSA CEO Roger Baxter.
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Minerals Council launches first National Day of Women in Mining

The Minerals Council South Africa launched the first National Day of Women in Mining on 21 August 2020.

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