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Mining steps in to help overburdened health resources

“The blizzard is still coming,” and it is now seems that South Africa is heading towards the eye of the coronavirus storm," Dr Thuthule Balfour.
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Mining Charter review misses the point of substance

Regrettably, this development does mean that the finalisation of the status of the contested elements of the 2018 Mining Charter will be delayed.
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MCSA and members fight stigmatization of COVID-19

Minerals Council South Africa and its members place a great deal of emphasis on education and communication both for employees and communities.
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South Africa’s other pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, another pandemic has been sweeping across the country - gender-based violence.
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Minerals Council concerned about increasing need for international funding

Sub-investment grade ratings, growing public sector wage bills and shrinking tax collection were all evident before the COVID-19 crisis.
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The mining industry deserves recognition for its COVID-19 contribution

Despite concerns about mines in South African reopening it is a sector that is extremely well equipped to manage the COVID-19 crisis.
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Minerals Council South Africa corrects COVID-19 narrative

The MCSA has taken issue with a narrative that appears to be developing in some quarters labelling the mining industry as an “epicentre” of COVID-19.
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SA mines begin recalling foreign national employees

South Africa’s mines were given the greenlight to ramp up operations to 100% from 1 June 2020, but an estimated 45 000 foreign workers are yet to return back to work.

Minerals Council reiterates urgency for structural reforms

Re-elected Minerals Council South Africa President Mxolisi Mgojo reiterated South Africa’s need for significant structural and institutional reform – if it is to realise its true economic and transformational potential.
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Minerals Council provides industry update on COVID-19

The Minerals Council South Africa hosted its first weekly virtual update on the mining industry’s position on COVID-19 as positive cases begin to rise.

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