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As a recognised industry leader in metallurgy and process engineering Multotec assists mining houses across the world process minerals more efficiently, effectively...

Evolution of cyclones to improve coal fines recovery

“There is a focus on the beneficiation of coal fines, which in the past were generally discarded.” - Ernst Bekker, product specialist.

Multotec pioneers intricate designs in solid ceramics

A ceramic-based solution from Multotec has opened the door for a range of componentry to be shaped using pressed alumina ceramics.
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Innovative pulping chute: Cuts scrubbing costs at Ekapa

The pulping chute can be applied in commodity sectors such as diamonds, coal, platinum, chrome, iron ore and mineral sands.
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Getting the most from treating mine effluent

Treating effluent on mines often makes use of reverse osmosis (RO) technology, but low recoveries can raise costs substantially
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Online training spikes during COVID-19 lockdown

Restrictions on personal movement due to the COVID-19 lockdown have not stopped the learning process in the mining industry.
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Process equipment manufacturer opens plant in China

Bucking global trends, mineral processing equipment specialist Multotec has opened a new manufacturing facility to meet growing demand.
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Toolroom upgrades boost quality and productivity

Continued growth in demand for Multotec Manufacturing’s screen panels has led the company to expand and upgrade the dedicated toolroom.
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Webinar recording: Man meets Machine: Future Blueprint

Listen to a recording of the ‘Man Meets Machine’ webinar, in which experts shared their exciting insights about how artificial intelligence can enhance human experience to make process plants more efficient.
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Collaboration crucial to the advancing of process technology

The age of digital technology holds huge potential for equipment performance in the field of mineral processing says Multotec.
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Custom sampler solution for guinean bauxite producer

Accurate sampling is key to the success of the bauxite industry and high-precision sampling equipment is playing its part.

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