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About Multotec

As a recognised industry leader in metallurgy and process engineering Multotec assists mining houses across the world process minerals more efficiently, effectively and reliably. Our equipment and expertise are used on six continents to...

Multotec’s RAMA: a giant step in precision sampling

Multotec’s RAMA system brings three sampling disciplines into one solution and promises to deliver significant value.

High-precision, accurate sampling for mines and their customers

Innovation in Multotec’s proven hammer samplers allows two consecutive samples to be taken from the product stream in quick succession.

Webinar RECORDING: Replacing guess work with test work

There are two critical steps that go hand-in-hand with ever increasing demands to optimise processes across all equipment, including screening machines.

New presses give Multotec the edge in mill linings

Multotec has added to its facilities two new rubber vulcanisation presses at its extensive local manufacturing facility in Spartan, Gauteng.

Multotec drives efficiency with in-house test work

Jeantelle Rust, Manager: Test Work at Multotec Group of Companies shares her views and insights about the importance of test work.

Sustainability focus in various Multotec initiatives

Sustainability has become a key driver for minerals processing equipment Multotec, promoted by its efforts in range of ESG initiatives.

SACPS Coal Man of the Year for 2021

Roy Roche talks about his award, his views on the coal industry and how the society is contributing towards a cleaner industry.

Multotec’s new spiral for retreating ultra-fines

Multotec has taken a step to help customers recover more of their ultra-fine material so that it does not go to waste in the discard.

VIDEO: Treating process water for suitable environmental discharge

A gold operation in Mali has invested in a water treatment plant that purifies treated process water to a level suitable for discharge.

VIDEO: Treating process water for environmental discharge

A gold operation in Mali has invested in a water treatment plant that purifies process water for discharge into the environment.