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Barrick’s agreement for North Mara gold mine begins

Barrick Gold has paid the first tranche of the $300 million settlement it agreed with the Tanzanian government to resolve inheritated disputes.
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Tanzanian Government and Barrick bury the hatchet

The government of Tanzania and Barrick Gold have settled disputes between GoT and mining companies formerly operated by Acacia - but now managed by Barrick.
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Acacia reports 37% higher production than monthly average

Acacia Mining has announced a rebound in gold production and performance at the start of Q2 to 47,805 ounces for the month.

Acacia Mining still feeling the bruises in Tanzania

Gold production for the quarter of 104,899 ounces was 13% below the prior year period mainly due to lower production at North Mara and Buzwagi.
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Acacia scores points with Tanzanian government

Acacia Mining has acknowledged media reports that the Government of Tanzania has directed the North Mara mine to resolve a spillage of water.

Another blow for Acacia in Tanzania

Acacia has informed the market that its North Mara mine EPO, requires payment of a fine of totaling 300,000,000 Tanzanian Shillings (US$130,000).

Acacia responds to charges laid against current and former employees

Acacia Mining advises that a current and a former employee of its Tanzanian businesses, together with three of the Group’s Tanzanian companies, have been charged.