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Is now the time to invest in uranium?

“Africa is reliant on carbon based energy but there are a range of uranium projects dotted all over Africa."
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Gwede Mantashe fails duty required by law

“It is entirely unacceptable that there is no civil society representative on the board of the National Nuclear Regulator."
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Can South Africa contain a nuclear disaster?

“What we are seeing is a lack of transparency by government in how it makes decisions around Koeberg." - Francesca de Gasparis

TECH NEWS: Renewable energy projects in Africa

"Hybrid solutions often provide the best energy mix, especially as battery-storage technology has not yet become cost-competitive."

Uranium: The comeback kid

While most commodities have been battered amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, uranium is heating up, and is experiencing a price spike on the back of tightening supply owing to a slowdown in global uranium supply.
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Eskom should initiate plans to decommission Koeberg

The Safcei says that Eskom needs to be more realistic pushing the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station past its sell-by date is worth the risk.

Global downscale of nuclear energy unlikely, bodes well for uranium miners

The future demand and subsequent price for uranium has a bright future as planned nuclear phases outs are generating opposition according to Paladin Energy.

Challenges and opportunities abound in Africa’s energy sector

Baker McKenzie’s Global Transaction Forecast for the Energy Sector shows that total merger and acquisition value in the energy sector in Africa and the Middle East was US$4.4 billion in 2017. This is predicted to...

Renewables are not enough and nuclear energy solutions are ready-to-roll

Global energy expert and environmental scientist, Tom Blees contends that in order to mitigate against climate change and make environmental preservation a priority globally, there must be a move to eliminate the burning of...

Russia and South Africa strengthen nuclear energy joint efforts

Russia and South Africa have strengthened their joint efforts in the promotion, education, development and information sharing practices for nuclear energy in South Africa. At the 7th BRICS summit, the Russian Federation national nuclear corporation...