renewable energy

Energy storage boom drives vanadium use in long-duration batteries

These long-duration battery storage systems are aimed at supporting large, utility and commercial-scale renewable energy projects.

Kibo Energy outlines primary focus going forward

“This will provide the us the opportunity to develop projects with smaller CAPEX and with a shorter route to revenue generation."

Renewable energy: Have mines got it right?

Which energy options are best suited for mining operations? Will mines ever operate on 100% renewable energy?

SRK: taking Africa’s voice to EU responsible sourcing process

“There is a depth of knowledge in Africa about responsible sourcing, and how these initiatives by the EU can be guided and supported."

Gravitricity adds hydrogen to the underground energy storage mix

It has submitted a global patent to turn purpose-built shafts into pressurised energy stores, capable of accumulating gas.

Climate risk and decarbonization: What every mining CEO needs to know

The sector faces pressure from governments, investors, and society to reduce emissions. Mining is responsible for 4 to 7% of GHG emissions.

Kibo Energy to develop renewable energy projects in JV agreement

This is in line with Kibo’s strategy to integrate renewable energy into its project pipeline, including three utility-scale power projects.

Kamoa Copper to receive clean and reliable renewable hydropower

“This agreement provides the mine to a combined 240 MW of clean, renewable electricity from Mwadingusha and Inga II hydropower plants.”

Renewable energy solutions: Are mines on the right track?

Mining companies are well-positioned to implement cost-saving and efficient renewable energy solutions.

Mines show willingness to adopt green energy, where feasible

Companies in Africa believe that a priority for driving sustainability in the sector is increased renewable utilisation.

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