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ENGIE pledges to reduce carbon emissions through hydrogen solutions

ENGIE has joined Mining3 to help the industry to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen solutions in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.
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COVID-19 highlights need for renewable energy systems

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for Africa to develop flexible energy systems in renewables and decentralised technologies.
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Webinar recording: How to mitigate investment risk in power projects

Listen to a recording of the webinar hosted by Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa which unpacked how insurance can be used as a tool to mitigate risk in African power projects.
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How to ensure sustainable and beneficial hydropower projects

Knight Piésold is involved in ESIAs for two major hydropower developments – Lufubu in Zambia and the Sombwe project in Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Webinar recording: Integrating renewable energy into existing thermal energy grids

Listen to a recording of the webinar, hosted by Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa in which our panel of technical experts provided insights on how to evaluate renewable energy offerings and how to balance commercial PPA obligations while maintaining grid stability.
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Copper poised to maintain its upward price trajectory

Renewable power generation is also copper - hungry and on the rise as countries seek to meet Net Zero commitments and more sustainable operations.

Changing the landscape of centralised power supply

Renewable energy is changing the landscape of centralised power supply, but optimising its use remains challenging.

Webinar recording: Renewable energy and EV boom drive copper demand

Listen to the recorded which unpacked the importance of copper as a raw material in the global move toward greener energy and transportation.

Harnessing the sun and wind for energy at Prieska project

Orion Minerals’ Prieska copper-zinc project is nestled within a well-established renewable energy hub in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.
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South Africa must amend energy supply chain post COVID-19

The South African Government needs to insist on more local content in the energy supply chain to ensure energy security for South Africa.

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