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Kibo Energy: Making headway at its Mozambique power projects

While access to energy could enable fast economic development in Africa, it is the primary impediment to economic growth and development.
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G20 stimulus to accelerate energy transition

This would see over 500,000 new jobs in renewable energy, 175% new jobs than if stimulus was focused on legacy, inflexible energy systems.
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COVID-19 accelerates energy transition for coal mining

Energy emissions will rise again with economic recovery, but will never again reach 2019 levels." - New Energy Outlook 2020.
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South Africa can capitalise on the developing global hydrogen economy

In the past few decades, the world has already seen the massive growth in both renewable energy technology and implementation.

What defines the future of mining?

Renewable and sustainable energy solutions that pay attention to environmental pressures have become critical for the industry.

Changing the landscape of centralised power supply

Renewable energy is changing the landscape of centralised power supply, but optimising its use remains challenging.
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Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power...

The DRC has enormous potential for the expansion of its current renewable energy sector within the mining industry.
S3 Consortium

Can Invictus Energy solve the long running Southern Africa gas crisis?

The ways things are going, by 2030 some 530 million Africans will still lack adequate power supply says Invictus Energy.
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Energy transition will have transformative effect

"As an example, in South Africa the move away from energy coal may need to proceed at a different pace than elsewhere."
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Project delivery in a post-COVID-19 world

Worley has weathered the storm in a changing environment, seamlessly delivering strategic and operational objectives through innovation.

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