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Anglo American Platinum decarbonisation

Hydrogen’s rise materially increases PGM relevance

Platinum group metals stand poised to benefit from a resurgence in medium term demand as the world transitions to a low-carbon future.

Mining after COVID-19: adaptation needed to ensure safety

Government and stakeholders should develop a consistent narrative on mining in South Africa as an attractive investment destination.

Knight Piésold notches 100 years of success

Its journey over the decades has resulted in the establishment of a truly global brand, with a very successful South African subsidiary.

Why mines are increasingly adopting renewable power

Mining sector’s adoption of renewables driven by growing demand, reliability, lower costs and emissions.
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Harnessing South Africa’s sun for energy

The country’s energy constraints and frequent equipment failure and breakdowns, which lead to unexpected blackouts, is one of the reasons that the mining industry is increasingly opting for renewable energy as part of its energy mix.
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Mining companies recognise green energy as key sustainability driver

A report aimed at raising awareness of the core issues affecting the future of the mining sector has found that mining companies recognise the importance of having sound sustainability practices.

Gold and climate change: The energy transition

The World Gold Council has identified that 99% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the gold sector are related to gold mining operations.
Bushveld Minerals

New player in the VRFB battery system arena

"We expect to drive new VRFB adoption worldwide and capture greater market share of the rapidly growing renewable energy storage sector."

Kibo Energy: Making headway at its Mozambique power projects

While access to energy could enable fast economic development in Africa, it is the primary impediment to economic growth and development.
Wärtsilä Africa

G20 stimulus to accelerate energy transition

This would see over 500,000 new jobs in renewable energy, 175% new jobs than if stimulus was focused on legacy, inflexible energy systems.

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