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Platinum Group Metals remains focused on Waterberg Project

The Waterberg Project is projected to be one of the largest and lowest cost underground platinum group metals mines globally.
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Production performance positions Tharisa for PGM price bonanza

"The rapid development of the hydrogen economy and the move to cleaner emission standards will benefit the PGM market." - Phoevos Pouroulis

Platinum can move the needle on South Africa’s economic growth

In the last 12 months Platinum Group Metals have roared: platinum prices have soared by 30%, palladium prices have doubled, and rhodium has quadrupled.
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Surging palladium and rhodium prices good news for Ivanplats

Ivanplats is fast-tracking a feasibility study on a smaller-scale, early-stage development plan using Shaft 1 as a production shaft at Platreef.

Pollution-control devices drive palladium price surge

Palladium prices continue to surge topping $1,800/oz as stricter air-quality rules boost demand for the metal used in vehicle pollution-control devices.
Platreef Palladium ivanplats

Spot price of palladium reaches an all-time high

While many investors are focused on gold, palladium has been far and away the best performing precious metal for the past several years.
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Strong financials and improved safety stats for Amplats

Amplats reported a strong set of financial results, accompanied by an improvement in the overall safety performance of the business.

Palladium and rhodium now more valuable than gold

Driven by the catalytic material of choice in an emissions-conscious age, both PGM metals – palladium and rhodium - are now more valuable than gold.

Implats delivers strong safety and operational performance

Implats has delivered strong safety and operational performances for the half‐year ended 31 December 2018 and a return to profitability and cash generation.
Amplats platinum pgm

Commodity outlook: demand for platinum group metals to increase

The World Platinum Investment Council believes 2019 looks encouraging for platinum group metals based on continued demand growth for platinum.

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