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Exclusive: BUA a “perfect fit” for PW Nigeria

"Nigeria Mining Week continues to grow and attract the right attendees. The more good news the Nigerian mining sector puts out, the better."

Kwikspace supports infrastructure repair work in Mozambique after flooding

Heavy rains and major flooding left areas of Mozambique in a dismal state last year, having damaged major infrastructure such as roads, bridges and rail networks. In addition, significant damage to the powerline leading to...

African governments must enable pit to port projects

Governments in Africa must create an environment where pit to port projects can get off the ground for the benefit of widespread development on the continent, says Frans Pienaar, chairman of Inyatsi Construction, a...

White paper focuses on African infrastructure deficit, opportunities

South Africa – Trafigura, the multinational commodity trading company, launched “Foundations for Growth: Infrastructure Investment in Emerging Markets”, the latest in its series of white papers at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, last...