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Only three countries account for 31% of all gold mined in 2020

Data indicates that China's 2020 gold production was 380 metric tons. The amount represents 11.9%of global gold production in 2020.
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Global coal production expected to reach 8.13 Bnt in 2020

Despite disruptions during Q1 2020, global coal production is expected to grow, albeit by a marginal 0.1% to 8.13 billion tonnes (Bnt) in 2020.

Rosgeo to start exploration for hydrocarbon resources

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between both entities during the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi last October.

Tailings management: What has changed since Brumadinho?

While the scale and consequences of the Brumadinho dam failure were extreme, other tailings dam failures have occurred on a regular basis.

Rwanda and Russia sign cooperation agreement

Rwanda and Russia have signed a mining and hydrocarbon agreement for several aspects geological and equipment for the mining, oil and gas sectors.

Gold exploration vital for future supply

Concern about the global economy has spurred the increase in gold price as central banks adopt a more dovish tone and the FED cutting interest rates.
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Commodity outlook: not so shiny for diamonds anymore

Natural diamond production is on pace to be around 149 million carats in 2018, which compares to approximately 152 million in 2017.

Students from Zambia to study nuclear science in Russia

Nuclear engineering students in Russia have shared their experiences with aspiring nuclear scientists from Zambia and other African countries.
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Crunch time coming for minerals supply as economic powerhouses drive demand

China will remain a key driver of global commodity demand but India and Indonesia will put added pressure on minerals supply.

BRICS Gold: A new model for multilateral cooperation

The first-ever industrial PPP investment project undertaken by partners from all BRICS member states has been pioneered in the gold mining sector.