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Harmony Gold concludes 3-year wage agreement

The wage agreement was agreed with AMCU, the Coalition (comprising the NUM, UASA and Solidarity) and NUMSA.

South African GDP: Poor style of governance hinders growth

“Continued lockdowns, restrictive regulations and legislation are all the order of the day, and our economy is suffering." - Theuns du Buisson

Labour market figures: South Africa stagnates around a new all-time low

“The current decline reminds us of the the financial crisis of 2008/9, where South Africa never fully recovered to its pre-crisis state."

Solidarity will defend employees fired for not agreeing to get vaccine

It will be illegal for an employer to make jabs compulsory without considering individuals’ Constitutional rights such as bodily integrity.

Decentralisation and privatisation of power generation a huge step

Small-scale power generation "has incredible potential for creating jobs; not only in the sector itself, but also in the broader economy,”

“South African minister is killing economy with regulations.”

"South Africa is plodding along while Minister Patel is regulating the economy to death." - Theuns du Buisson, Solidarity Research Institute.

Legal action against SAHPRA over monopolisation of vaccine

SAHPRA registration of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine contains provisions stipulating that only the government may purchase the vaccine.

Kumba Iron Ore retrenchments a slap in the face

“It is punish workers amid a pandemic and an excellent financial performance with increased turnover, profits and dividends declared."

Government admits private sector may purchase COVID vaccines

Solidarity and AfriForum will continue to hold the government liable and accountable and will continuously act as watchdogs.
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Questions asked about safety at ArcelorMittal South Africa

“This is the third incident of its kind at AMSA’s Vanderbijlpark plant during the past 12 months.” - Willie Venter, Solidarity