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Kangra coal mine recommences operations

Kangra is also planning to develop the Kusipongo resource, which is located to the west of the existing mining operations.
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How can government increase mining’s GDP contribution in 2021?

“The goal to lift mining’s contribution to the GDP to 10%, from 8% at present, is realistic, but requires actions from the government."

Kumba Iron Ore retrenchments a slap in the face

“It is punish workers amid a pandemic and an excellent financial performance with increased turnover, profits and dividends declared."

Zululand Anthracite Colliery restart brings joy to colleagues

“We are all hoping for a much better year where market prices improve significantly, paving the way for a strong restart at ZAC."

Mantashe gives us a glimpse from his crystal ball

South Africa’s budgeted exploration spending hit a two decade low in 2020, and is less than 1% of global exploration spending.

What trends will drive growth in South Africa’s mining sector?

South Africa has not attracted investment to allow for new mines to be opened or for substantial exploration campaigns to be carried out.
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Free community Wi-Fi reaches 100 million mark

By providing free Wi-Fi, the company enable students to increase their knowledge through research and access to e-Learning platforms.

Megatrends will drive South African mining sector growth

South Africa can successfully exploit its vast mineral resources if it is able to take advantage of current mining megatrends.

West coast miner installs SlurrySucker for pond dredging

“The pumping capacity of the dredging unit will ensure optimal operation of the dams which need to be kept at the required storage volumes."

Promises and predications for South Africa ahead of PDAC 2021

"I invite the investors to partner with us as we work to place South Africa's mining and energy sectors on an upward trend."

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