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SRK is an independent, global network of consulting practices in over 45 countries on six continents. Its experienced engineers and scientists work...

How can mines help diversify their local economies?

Mines are often the dynamos of their local economies, but with this reliance comes dependence. More can be done to diversify the local economy.
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COVID-19 calls for ‘balanced’ strategy for technical audits

Engineering projects face a range of audits, assessment and monitoring, but will COVID-19 restrictions on movement make it more difficult.

Creating self-sustainable community projects during LOM

Mines can achieve a great deal in terms of social transitioning in their closure planning if they start early in the mine life cycle.
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How successful are mines’ efforts to restore livelihoods?

“Livelihood restoration has become a critical element of a resettlement action plan,” says Jessica Edwards, senior social scientist at SRK Consulting.

Sustainable social transitioning at mine closure: a paradigm shift

Minerals are a finite resource and mine closure has a profound and often devastating impact on surrounding communities and towns.
Tailings safety

Industry experts come together on tailings dams

Safer tailings storage facilities can be achieved when mine owners, contractors and engineering consultants work closely together says SRK Consulting.

SRK Consulting: Confident in managing mining risks

Mining risk is up, even as mining enjoys a global uptick in prospects and activity. Explorers and miners need insight and technical advice.

Environmental trends: what the future holds in store

Mining companies in Africa can look forward to an increased focus on issues of social impact in environmental regulations in 2020.

Collaborating for digital innovation in engineering

To feed the innovating spirit, engineers and scientists need ongoing collaboration – both inside and outside their organisations.

Data management – solutions for the digital revolution

The ability to analyse and derive intelligence from vast amounts of data generated across any mine is a digital revolution in this sector.

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