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SRK is an independent, global network of consulting practices in over 45 countries on six continents. Its experienced engineers and scientists work...

The science of addressing climate change risks in mining

Water management is becoming more complex as rainfall patterns in many areas start to change in frequency and intensity.
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Buoyant take on Northern Cape’s mining potential

As prospects for South Africa’s minerals sector start to brighten, there has been considerable mention of the Northern Cape’s potential.

Supporting mines in striving for zero harm

There is renewed research and development into mechanisation that could significantly reduce the exposure of workers.

A dilemma facing mining consultants in West Africa

To be successful, local consultants usually collaborate with the big brands dominating the region; alternatively, they lobby law makers.
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Common ground: Partnership to boost local procurement

Growing demands for mines to procure goods and services in-country have brought a recent strategic partnership to foster local procurement.
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Investors, beware the preliminary assessment warns consultant

PEAs are no foundation for production decisions in mining projects, and serve little basis for detailed value-creation forecasts.
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Professional women forge pathways into mining

“We encourage women employees to take leading positions in projects, and many are project managers supervising some of our major projects.”

SAIMM honours Roger Dixon’s ‘unique contribution’

Well-respected mining figure and consultant Roger Dixon has been honoured with the 2020 Brigadier Stokes award by the SAIMM.
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When mines close, options are created for employees

SRK Consulting says engagement and planning can help to put employees on a stronger footing so they can transition into other livelihoods.
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SRK Consulting: Good practice partnership for local procurement

“Working with mines to maximise their positive socio-economic impacts in host countries and host communities has been a growing part of our work."

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