Mining and metals companies accelerate focus on sustainability

“Digitally integrated operations can address key areas of an organization’s sustainability agenda." - David Willick

Webinar 28 July: How can African mining businesses harness sustainability to...

The importance and positioning of sustainability in business has seen recent growth and been intensified by the global pandemic. There is a renewed sense of urgency for climate resilience coupled with an evolved way people deal with socio-economic issues.

Environmental stewardship and mining: Powering a greener future

Reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry has become more than an ethical or regulatory imperative.

Shunning coal is not a realistic short-term goal

The objective to eradicate coal completely is not a realistic short-term goal, particularly for developing countries.

VIDEO: Treating process water for environmental discharge

A gold operation in Mali has invested in a water treatment plant that purifies process water for discharge into the environment.

New uses for old mine shafts

While some mining rehabilitation projects regenerate land damaged by mining, other efforts are finding new uses for abandoned mine shafts.
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Mine closure project creates value while reducing environmental risk

The project is expected to create 75 jobs and tens of millions in tax revenue while removing potential water pollution from the mine site.

Op-ed: Water sustainability is a new battleground

Protecting limited water resources is going to need not only better recycling and reuse, but more effective wastewater management strategies.

Tyres will be 100% sustainable by 2050

Technology will make it possible to recycle polystyrene and recover carbon black or pyrolysis oil from used tyres.
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Mining and the green economy

With many economies around the world committing to build back greener post-COVID-19, could we be on the brink of a new commodity supercycle?

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