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Private sector involvement is key for sustainable mining towns

Provinces will be hard hit by the closure of coal mines around towns which have been focused on mining for almost a hundred years.

ESG-related litigation looms for mining, oil, and gas companies

These sectors will feel the brunt of the increasing prominence of ESG issues and the recalibration of societal norms towards sustainability.
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A new chapter for commercial funding of sustainability projects

Demand for sustainability-linked loans is surging, with banks competing to offer this new form of finance in South Africa.
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Sustainability impacts standard for mining under development

"I encourage individuals with relevant experience, working in or with mining and quarrying operators, to join our Mining Working Group."
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Innovation and sustainability solutions deliver positive change

“We’re in a time when mines are acting on new commitments to the environment, people and communities touched by mining operations.”
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ESG funding comes to Africa

What makes sustainability-linked bonds attractive is potential they offer for favourable terms if the borrower meets ESG requirements.

Mining and metals companies accelerate focus on sustainability

“Digitally integrated operations can address key areas of an organization’s sustainability agenda." - David Willick

Webinar Recording: How can African mining businesses harness sustainability to impact their bottom lines?

The importance and positioning of sustainability in business has seen recent growth and been intensified by the global pandemic. There is a renewed sense of urgency for climate resilience coupled with an evolved way people deal with socio-economic issues.

Environmental stewardship and mining: Powering a greener future

Reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry has become more than an ethical or regulatory imperative.

Shunning coal is not a realistic short-term goal

The objective to eradicate coal completely is not a realistic short-term goal, particularly for developing countries.