Designing a future that performs today

Fraser Alexander's strategy has evolved to leverage technology to manage one of the industry's key concerns – the risk of tailings facilities.

Is the momentum of mitigating tailings risk being maintained?

The RMI Report 2020 reveals that the vast majority of large-scale mining companies still do not review and report on TSF-related risks.

Effective risk management requires good information

Decision makers and data providers can often fixate on the source and presentation of data rather than its “true worth.
Simon Barry

Mine tailings: How to effectively manage the risk

Recent disasters such as Vale’s Brumadinho tailings dam collapse in Brazil have focused attention on the mining industry like never before.
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Barplats secures feasibility study for Zandfontein Tailings Dam

"This venture is a new potential revenue source for us without any additional funding obligations and an opportunity to recover PGMs from the tailings."
Tailings safety

Tailings storage facility portal increases transparency

“Until recently, we had no clear indication on the number of facilities around the world, their locations or the quantity of tailings."

Extracting value from a liability to the environment

Compliance and the unwritten rule to ‘go beyond compliance’ in the mining industry with regards to the environment is now more important than ever before.

World-first public database of mine tailings dams launched

Environmental organisation GRID-Arendal with support from the UN Environment Program has launched the world’s first publicly-accessible global database of mine tailings storage facilities.
Tailings safety

Health, safety and environment regulations need to be reassessed

It will nearly be twelve months since the Brumadinho tailings safety disaster in Brazil which claimed over two hundred and fifty lives.

Africa learns from tailings dam failures in Brazil

The mining industry in Africa has been encouraged monitor the lessons still being learned from Brazil’s highly public and fatal tailings dam failures.

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