Putting technology to work

Digital technology enhances planning and monitoring, making for safer and more efficient operations.

Years of safety focus deliver fatality-free record

The latest technologies and methods – supported by realistic mock-ups – ensure that all workers are fully prepared for all working conditions.

4IR a key driver for mining value chain transformation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution benefit SMMEs and the entire mining value chain.
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Predictive maintenance is an investment priority

The most widely adopted technologies are mine planning software, management software and communication systems.

Bugs, cores, and data: The ABC of mining innovation

The IMDEX Xploration Tech Symposium will be held on January 12 and 13 featuring a range of international speakers.

Ore body technology can save mining projects

“Across all mined commodities, the places we have to go to and the ore bodies we have to try to find, are getting more and more difficult."

Collaboration to optimize mineral processing plants

"In the climate of COVID-19, remote monitoring of operations while driving productivity has become increasingly relevant."

Wireless networks key enablers for mining’s transformation

Nokia supports more than 40 mine sites that are accelerating their digital transformation by deploying industrial-grade networks.
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3D scanning paves way to quality chute solutions

“The accuracy of 3D scanning means that we can rapidly gather detailed measurements of large infrastructure on a customer’s site.”

Electric-powered earthmoving trucks: A revolution has begun

“The mining sector is a great industry for disruption and has the power and motivation to showcase the true value of electric vehicles."

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