Digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing the business world

Digital transformation is creating opportunity for innovation and is seeing a reinvention of products, services being delivered to the market.

Achieving autonomous mines constrained by closed proprietary systems

The goal of a fully autonomous mine will remain a distant vision if the current closed and proprietary OEM solutions continue to dominate.

Challenges and conflicts -millennials in the workplace

Millennials have been dubbed the most ‘impatient generation’ in the workplace, with over 90% wanting ‘rapid career progression.’

IoT and health & safety compliance in the mining industry

IoT is set to grow by 23% by 2019 with industrial applications accounting for a whopping 84% of the $500 billion market globally.

How R&D is shaping the mining sector

Industry experts discuss their current research and development programmes and how new technology will drive their businesses in the future.

Goldcorp announces finalists at #DisruptMining Finale

TSX/NYSE-listed Goldcorp has announced the three finalists selected to pitch to the distinguished panel of judges at the #DisruptMining 2019 live finale.

AEL: Intelligent blasting at the forefront of Smart Mining

AEL Mining Services, a member of the JSE-listed AECI Group in South Africa, has announced its official rebrand to AEL Intelligent Blasting.

Digital technology: automation at the forefront

Digital mining technology and automation are driving the African mining industry towards efficiency to optimise production within deep and narrow reefs.

Micromine puts artificial intelligence on the map

Micromine puts artificial intelligence on the map

Digital innovation drives the future of mining

There are several companies that have taken up the challenges of digital technology.

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