Collaboration to optimize mineral processing plants

"In the climate of COVID-19, remote monitoring of operations while driving productivity has become increasingly relevant."

Wireless networks key enablers for mining’s transformation

Nokia supports more than 40 mine sites that are accelerating their digital transformation by deploying industrial-grade networks.
weba chutes 3d 1

3D scanning paves way to quality chute solutions

“The accuracy of 3D scanning means that we can rapidly gather detailed measurements of large infrastructure on a customer’s site.”

Electric-powered earthmoving trucks: A revolution has begun

“The mining sector is a great industry for disruption and has the power and motivation to showcase the true value of electric vehicles."

Modernisation in Mining podcast series

As companies develop the mines of the future, technology has an even greater role to play in optimising productivity and enhancing safety.
Mining 2025 AI webinar recording

Webinar recording: A 5-year vision for AI in mining

While the world looks to enter a new AI era over the coming decades, Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum hosted a webinar that outlined what mining companies can do over the next five years to establish the building blocks necessary to deliver a sustainable AI future.
Multotec Technology 1

Collaboration crucial to the advancing of process technology

The age of digital technology holds huge potential for equipment performance in the field of mineral processing says Multotec.

Micromine Effects has an eye to the future

Mining software leader MICROMINE has launched an exclusive new viewer, Micromine Effects that makes sharing complex design and visualisation files a breeze.

Implicit modelling tools deliver advanced precision

“These improvements give users greater power to capture, manage and interpret exploration and production data to optimise their planning and operations.”

MICROMINE leads the trend in modernising core tech

The mining sector is being urged to modernise its technology infrastructure if it wants to be competitive in the digital era.

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