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Ted Blom op ed on Eskom tariffs

Op-ed: Ted Blom on where Eskom tariffs are heading

"The term ‘cost-reflective’ has since been bandied each time Eskom demands an increase, but Eskom has never set a cap on where this number would be."

TED BLOM: 30%+ of SA mines could be terminated due to power costs

The whole electricity supply industry (ESI) needs revamping, not just tinkering on the peripheral says South African energy expert Ted Blom.

No surprise as Eskom misses deadline for tariff appeal

The Eskom board's latest announcements of intentions to appeal a 5% tariff approval does not come as a shock. This is according to Ted Blom, a partner at Mining & Energy Advisors, and former Eskom staffer.

Tariff hike hearings end with Eskom facing impossible task

Nersa's hearings into the Eskom tariff hike request have closed presenting the panel with its biggest headache to date. Of the R66 billion claimed, some R44 billion was a claim for a shortfall of forecast electricity sales, while the balance included cost overruns on production.
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Gupta ghosts back to haunt Eskom

With winter fast approaching and electricity demand expected to peak, the Gupta ghosts have come back to haunt Eskom once again. After being severely burned by costly Gupta coal of dubious quality, the fleeing Guptas...

Ted Blom represents 80 000 people at Nersa negotiations

With Nersa hearings on Eskom’s 33% tariff increase application due to kick off early next week, beginning in Cape Town, the pressure is building up to what could be the proverbial last straw which...

Electricity consumers to pay for Zupta thievery at Eskom

Eskom is planning to recover losses from corruption and loopholes in the multi year price determination rules by further increasing tariffs by an estimated 30% before the end of 2018. In a parallel process, municipalities...