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Hydrogen economy bodes well for platinum demand, says WPIC

The hydrogen economy is elevating platinum as a precious metal with long-term store of value, says the World Platinum Investment Council.
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2019 forecast for platinum set to increase by 5%

The 2019 forecast shows global demand for platinum is set to increase by 5% to 7,740 koz.
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Commodity outlook: demand for platinum group metals to increase

The World Platinum Investment Council believes 2019 looks encouraging for platinum group metals based on continued demand growth for platinum.
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Platinum demand to increase in 2019

The World Platinum Investment Council's latest report shows that the 2019 forecast shows a market surplus of 455 koz, 10% lower than 2018.

China can now invest in its own platinum bar products

Global platinum market authority, the World Platinum Investment Council, and Shenzhen Hengfu Yingjia, a leader in precious metals products, has launched the first platinum bar products in China.