Sovereign Metals’ Malawi footprint poised to see global dominance

Sovereign’s expanding rutile footprint in Malawi could prove to be one of the world’s most significant sources.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Kenmare Resources – Moma in Mozambique

Moma is a significant contributor to Mozambique’s economy and accounted for around 5% of the country’s exports in 2018.
Kenmare Wet Concentrator Plant

Wet Concentrator Plant B relocated to Kenmare’s Pilivili

"This type of relocation is rare but it was the correct choice for us given the economic benefits and lower risk profile."
NGSA team and AG Vision competent person during a site visit in Zamfara State - NIgeria Mining Week

AG Vision: Nigeria on genuine quest to enable mineral potential

The NIMEP findings so far are acting as a catalyst in providing a large pool of geoscientific data that can warrant the mineral economic potential of Nigeria.

Kenmare achieves first production from new concentrator plant at Moma

Dual-listed Kenmare Resources produced has first heavy mineral concentrate in late February from the wet concentrator plant C at the Moma titanium minerals mine in northern Mozambique.
Savannah Resources

Mutamba strategically important for southern Africa

Savannah Resources is developing Mutamba in JV with Rio Tinto. It is a strategic undeveloped mineral sands deposit in Mozambique.

Kenmare Resources on track increase production at Moma

Kenmare is on track to deliver a 20% increase in production at Moma on a sustainable basis from 2021 and the move of WCP B to Pilivili.
kenmare resources

26% increase in revenue to US$262.2 million for Kenmare

Dual-listed Kenmare Resources has announced its preliminary results for the twelve months to 31 December 2018 highlighting a 26% increase in revenue.
Gwede Mantashe

Mantashe immovable on community engagement matters

Gwede Mantashe remains committed to return to Xolobeni, to continue engagements with the community to ensure finality to the matter of mining.
Lemur graphite

Lemur pioneers power in Madagascar

Bushveld Minerals' coal and energy subsidiary Lemur Holdings is committed to delivering one of Madagascar’s first and largest independent power projects.

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